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Aveda Scalp Solutions

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The New Aveda Scalp Solution Range Scroll Down Scalp Solutions – the latest Aveda range Introducing the new Aveda Scalp Solutions line. This flora smelling formulation is a must for anyone seeking to restore balance to their scalp and nurture vibrant hair growth. At Rare Earth, we understand that the secret to achieving stunning healthy […]

Aveda Reverse Mission

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Ever heard of the Aveda Reverse Mission? Scroll Down A Powerful Poem – Aveda Reverse Mission This is a poem developed by Aveda (the environmentally conscious beauty company we partner with). It incorporates ideals from their mission statement in a unique way. The poem which is cynical when read top to bottom and then optimistic […]

Aveda – Why we partner with them

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Aveda – the confidence choice Scroll Down Previous Next Why AVEDA. Ever since our inception, we care not only for how you look but also for the health of you hair and the environment. “Our motto is “Better for your hair, skin and the world you live in” and Aveda is closely aligned with this… […]