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The Team


The team of expertly trained stylists has been carefully selected for their skill and dedication to delivering 5-star service. Providing you with a customised look to suit your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

We hold ourselves accountable to meet your expectations and our commitment to a quality of service and finish. We aspire to make you an ambassador for Rare Earth Hair

Meet the team

Donna smiling and styling hair


Director & founder – 25 yrs + expereience

The visionary founder of Rare Earth Hair with the mission is to empower women by fostering inner confidence and beauty. Donna has created a sanctuary where hair care meets wellness, providing a space for women to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with themselves.

Donna’s expertise in color and cutting is evident in her transformative creations, enhancing outer beauty while nurturing inner strength. At Rare Earth Hair, every visit is a chance for self-care and self-discovery, guided by Donna’s commitment to uplifting and inspiring her clients.

Hairstylist Chiara at Rare Earth Hair Richmond


Principle Stylist – 17 yrs + expereience

Chiara, embodying Italian flair and passion, brings her artistry to life with a love for colour and a dedication to revealing her clients’ true essence. With a keen eye for individual suitability, she enhances personalities through her creations, ensuring every hairstyle reflects the inner beauty of its wearer.

A natural free spirit, Chiara transforms the salon experience into a calming oasis, inviting clients on a journey of tranquility and serenity. Through her work, Chiara shapes hairstyles and touches hearts, leaving a lasting impression of beauty, harmony, and authenticity.

Hairstylist Lucia at Rare Earth Hair Richmond


Principle Stylist – 10 yrs + expereience

Meet Lucia, the Italian maestro of hair design, renowned for her unparalleled brilliance in cutting and colouring. With precision and finesse, she sculpts hair into works of art that perfectly complement each client’s unique style and personality. Despite her mastery, Lucia maintains a calm and soothing atmosphere in her salon sanctuary.

Outside the salon, Lucia enjoys pursuing fitness activities and embracing life’s adventures. Whether exploring new experiences or savoring moments of relaxation, Lucia brings her zest for life into everything she does, infusing joy and vitality into each day.

Hairstylist Saki at Rare Earth Hair Richmond


Principle Stylist – 10 Yrs+ Expereience

Saki honed her craft in the bustling streets of Osaka, Japan, where she absorbed the essence of Japanese precision in hairstyling. Transitioning to Melbourne for two years, she seamlessly blended this precision with Aussie chic, crafting perfect looks for her clients.

With a fervent passion for hair colouring and the art of cutting bobs and layers, Saki transforms her clients’ visions into reality with finesse. Outside the salon, she’s a big dog lover, often yearning for her beloved Frenchies back in Japan. In her free time, she enjoys scouring op shops for hidden treasures.