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The New Aveda Scalp Solution Range

Scalp Solutions - the latest Aveda range

Introducing the new Aveda Scalp Solutions line. This flora smelling formulation is a must for anyone seeking to restore balance to their scalp and nurture vibrant hair growth.

At Rare Earth, we understand that the secret to achieving stunning healthy hair lies in your scalp’s well-being. Your scalp is the very bedrock from which luxurious hair flourishes. Whether you grapple with parchedness, excess oil, or pesky dandruff, the Aveda Rare Scalp Elixir Collection is your tailored solution.

Our meticulously selected products are dedicated to tackling prevalent scalp concerns, fostering a harmonious scalp environment.


Aveda Scalp Elixir

Dive into the rejuvenating experience of Aveda Rare Scalp Elixir Collection’s Equilibrium Cleansing Shampoo. Ideal for those navigating oily or dry scalp dilemmas, this shampoo seamlessly purifies the scalp while harmonizing its natural sebum production. The outcome? A revitalized, resilient scalp primed to cultivate striking, vibrant hair.


Aveda Scalp Exfoliating Treatment

For those grappling with dandruff or an irksome scalp, the Aveda Rare Scalp Exfoliating Treatment is the ultimate answer. Infused with a potent fusion of salicylic acid, rosemary, and thyme, this treatment gently exfoliates and pacifies the scalp. Bid farewell to flakes and embrace a serene, well-balanced scalp.

Aveda Scalp Revitalising Overnight Serum

Unveil the grand finale with the Aveda Rare Scalp Revitalising Overnight Serum, a nocturnal elixir that stimulates robust hair growth. Formulated with a bouquet of botanicals, this treatment enlivens the scalp, invigorating hair growth from its very roots. The payoff? Hair that’s voluminous, stronger, and more resplendent than ever

Drop in, email or call us to see if the new Scalp Solutions range is right for you. To make a booking for an in salon consultion or via email click here. 


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